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Thomas H. Pace Jr.
Mr. Pace has over 35 years experience with central energy plants and has proven experience in both the theoretical and practical aspects of steam and hot water plants, electrical power generators, diesel engines and gas turbines. His hands on work experience has been concentrated in the design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of power plants burning coal, heavy oil (bunker fuel), municipal liquid and solid waste, natural gas as well as renewable energy systems. He has been directly involved in the design, construction and commissioning of plant modifications including boiler plant conversion from coal and bunker fuels to cleaner burning light oil and natural gas. These projects incorporated the replacement or upgrading of burner mechanisms, combustion control systems and fuel storage and handling equipment.

In addition, he has been involved in projects that turn garbage into a burnable fuel. These projects included the development and modification of material handling systems, thermal combustors, combustion control systems, pollution control devices and odor control equipment, and in cogeneration facilities.

Mr. Pace has participated in projects that use geothermal sources for heating and cooling as well as capturing gasses from degradation of cellular materials to produce a source of clean gaseous fuel from solid waste landfills. Relative to landfill gas systems, Mr. Pace had overall control of a project to capture gasses released from a solid waste landfill, remove sulfur and other hazardous compounds, compress and transport the gas to a power plant equipped with a properly upgraded gas turbine generator and high temperature boiler. This project required the design of a 13 mile gaseous fuel distribution piping system and the negotiation and permitting of the system with local, state and federal agencies.

These projects have required relationship management and interface with federal and state environmental agencies, utility companies and geographical system operators, local building departments, federal and state energy offices, engineering firms and construction contractors. His has been involvement in these projects from feasibility studies through conceptual design, detailed design, permitting, and construction, to start-up/commissioning.

Mr. Pace has served as an adjunct faculty member in Marine Education Program where he has taught Marine Electrical Systems, Navigation, Diesel Technology and Vessel Operations and Maintenance at various CUNY Colleges. He has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering from the United States Marine Academy. He served with the US Navy and retired as a Lieutenant Commander USNR in 1991.
Thomas H. Pace Jr.
Mr. Pace is an engineer with over 35 years experience. He specializes in thermal and electrical plant design, development and management, with proven experience in both the theoretical and practical aspects of steam and hot water plants, electrical power generators, diesel engines and gas turbines.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Mr. Pace was Vice President Account Services, at EMCOR Energy Services, Inc., responsible for coordinating the development of thermal and electrical energy projects, managing client relationships and providing program management during project construction. During his tenure with EES, he participated in projects including combined heat and power projects and thermal plant installations for industrial, higher education and hospitality clients.

As General Manager Business Development at KeySpan Business Solutions, he coordinated initial project development, directed engineering activities, and managed project construction operations. Projects included: MEP system design for a minor league baseball stadium; heating and cooling plant design for new convention center; 80,000 lb/hr high pressure boiler installation in university central heating plant; 3.2 MW combined heat and power project in 15 building high rise residential complex; college campus energy infrastructure evaluation, redesign and replacement.

Prior to this he held increasingly senior positions in a number of different organizations. He served in the U.S. Navy, and retired as Lieutenant Commander USNR in 1991.

He holds Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York