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Shashank Nigam
Shashank Nigam
Disney's CEO Michael Eisner believes that "a brand is a living entity and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures." Shashank Nigam is driving the same message to airlines through his seminal efforts in airline branding.

Shashank Nigam is a leading airline marketing and branding strategist referred to by branding gurus as "a future business leader to watch". He is the CEO of SimpliFlying, a leading international airline branding consultancy, which emerged from an award-winning blog by the same name. The blog is currently counted among the Top 100 aviation websites. Allen Adamson, MD of Landor Associates New York, refers to SimpliFlying as "a site well-respected by those in the airline industry and those interested in marketing to travelers. It's a unique blog, both in its comprehensiveness and its emphasis on airline branding."

Based on airline case studies, Shashank has developed a unique 6X airline branding model and wrote a seminal white paper detailing the model. This was published by Interbrand's in Summer 2008. Since then, Shashank has been a regular Columnist at and has been sharing his pioneering methodologies through global publications, speaking engagements and consultancies. He is currently building the world's first global Airline Brand Index based on this model. Shashank has been quoted in leading publications, and been interviewed on radio, podcasts and CNBC Asia.

Shashank is the contributing author of two highly acclaimed branding books - Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs (Wiley, Fall 2006) and Magic Numbers for Sales Management (Wiley, Winter 2007). He has also written commentaries for The New Paper in Singapore for over a year.

Shashank was born and brought up in New Delhi, spent most of his adolescent years in Singapore, and currently resides in Boston and Singapore. He has degrees in Information Systems, and Business Management from Singapore Management University and also spent time at Carnegie Mellon University.

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