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Rod P. Muddle
Mr. Muddle has over 35 years experience in the aviation industry, most of which was in various senior management functions at British Airways. Prior to retiring, Mr. Muddle was responsible for Strategic Planning and Fleet Planning. He remains active as a consultant to both airlines and aerospace companies on fleet planning issues.

In 1967, Mr. Muddle joined BOAC, the predecessor to British Airways, where he gained experience in planning, reservations systems, insurance, pricing and marketing. Mr. Muddle transferred to the United States in 1980 as Marketing Manager - USA and was subsequently given responsibility for all British Airways' activities in this country including Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Customer Service, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Government Affairs.

In the mid 1980's, he returned to the UK where he set up a new business unit to monitor British Airways' performance from an operational standpoint. He was subsequently given responsibility for the airline's pricing policy including economic analysis, policy formulation, coordination, negotiation, and implementation of fares throughout the British Airways network. In 1987, Mr. Muddle was appointed General Manager - Information Management, charged with managing all IT functions delivered to the airline's operating departments.

In 1990, Mr. Muddle was named Head of Planning where he was responsible for business and fleet plans. In 1996 he was appointed General Manager - Fleet Planning where he oversaw British Airways' fleet renewal, managing the airline's GBP1 billion of aircraft purchases annually. This fleet investment was an integral part of the strategy to downsize the fleet to increase profitability. In 1999, Mr. Muddle was appointed General Manager - Strategic Planning.

In addition to his roles at British Airways, Mr. Muddle has worked with several industry groups that have been instrumental in setting new aircraft specifications. Mr. Muddle chaired the airline advisory group that Airbus used to design the A380, and contributed to airline requirements incorporated in the Boeing 777. In addition, he has worked on numerous other aircraft projects including the B747-500X/600X and the DO-728 and the DO-928.

As an independent consultant, Mr. Muddle continues to work with airlines and aerospace companies around the world on fleet planning issues. He also devotes his efforts to developing a framework for managing aircraft-created pollutants on an economic basis.

Mr. Muddle holds an MA in mathematics from Cambridge and completed the Advanced Management Program at Wharton.