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Jackson L. Hulsey
Jack Hulsey has over 40 years of experience in general aviation engineering. He has worked on numerous certification programs at Parker Aerospace, Raytheon, Ayres, and Rockwell International. In addition he had the primary responsibility for the certification of the Beechcraft Premier I, the JPATS military trainer, and the Ayres Thrush agricultural aircraft. He has 25 years in engineering management and 20 years as a DER in Structures and Powerplant installations.

Prior to retiring from Raytheon in 2001, Mr. Hulsey took over responsibility for the certification of the Beechcraft Premier I business jet, when it was running substantially behind schedule. Prior to that, as Vice President Engineering, he managed all Raytheon's engineers, and thus was responsible for maintaining all their FAA licenses and certifications. In that position he was also responsible for all Raytheon's engineering technical publications and all flight and ground testing. He was Manager of Systems Engineering for the JPATS military trainer and was responsible for all engineering and for the FAA certification for that aircraft. Since his retirement from Raytheon, Mr. Hulsey has acted as a consultant for various aerospace companies, including Eclipse Aviation and Parker Aerospace.

Earlier in his career, as Chief Engineer at Ayres Corporation, he was responsible for all FAA certification for the agricultural aircraft (the Thrush) that Ayres acquired from Rockwell. Mr. Hulsey had worked on that aircraft while he was a structures/propulsion engineer at Rockwell.

Mr. Hulsey earned a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Auburn University in Alabama. He was a certificated FAA DER (Company and Consultant) Structures/ Powerplant for over twenty years through 1996.