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When clients choose ACA, they work with knowledgeable, senior professionals that understand both current industry conditions and their historical context. This ensures that clients receive specialized insights that will help them solve today's problems as well as preparing effectively for the future.

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Harris Herman
Mr. Herman has spent over 40 years in airline management and consulting, specializing in delivering high quality service at competitive costs as well as providing expertise in budget and cost control techniques.

He began his aviation career at American Airlines in New York as an industrial engineer and nine promotions later was Bob Crandall's chief of staff in the Marketing Department. When American moved the headquarters to Dallas in 1979, he left to help start New York Air and then the Pan Am Shuttle, becoming the Shuttle's second President.

After the Shuttle was sold to Delta in 1991, Mr. Herman became an independent consultant with more than 50 clients and later entered into an affiliation with SH&E. Later in that decade he spent a year as president of a charter airline and 15 months as president of a charity that taught adults how to read and write.

In 2002, he became the interim General Manager of the Wings Club to fill an unexpected vacancy and later that year became the permanent manager, retiring on March 31, 2012.