ACA Associates is dedicated to helping develop supplies of alternative aviation fuel as a way to produce jobs, improve national security, and protect the environment. The aviation community and the world's governments are committed to reducing aviation's carbon footprint in a sustainable manner and ACA recognizes that sustainability requires that fuel be cost competitive and not adversely affect food or water supplies.

ACA's team works with global associations, such as CAAFI and the World Economic Forum, that are dedicated to supporting alternative aviation fuels. This involves developing generally accepted means for certifying new fuels and for evaluating their life cycle carbon impact on the community and the environment. ACA's team uses the knowledge gained from this work to help clients develop regionally suitable alternative fuel strategies.

ACA believes that effective policy should include air borne and ground-based methods for reducing carbon emissions from aviation. This approach is consistent with the fact that alternative aviation fuels involve the production of green co-products that can be used at airports.

ACA has alternative fuel experts who are resident in Brazil, Canada, England, and the United States. These experts provide ACA's clients access to the knowledge they need to be successful participants in this rapidly growing industry.